Head Shot Questions?


Our goal is to make you look confident, accessible, and approachable.

With that in mind, here are a few things to consider for shoot day:

1. Dress comfortably.

We'll likely only see your shoulders and a little of your chest (unless we have made some unusual plans)
so wear something you like, something easy for you to move around in.

2. Wear solid colors you think look good on you.

If you wear stripes or prints, the patterns will pull attention from your face.

3. Choose muted tones that are a bit subdued.

Bright colors (especially vivid reds, oranges, and yellows), can be distracting, especially for headshots.

4. Put some thought into the color and style of your shirt/blouse/top.

Generally, the color of clothing that we will see on your shoulders and chest should contrast with your hair and complement your eyes. The impact of contrasting your hair color depends on the length of your hair, the longer it is, the better it is to contrast the color. And choosing a color that complements your eyes can really pull out their color. Avoid anything too low cut or sleeveless, the color and tone of your skin on your arms and/or chest can distract from your face.

5. Avoid jewelry, but if you must wear it keep it simple and minimal.

Again, jewelry can draw attention away from your face.

6. Hair: If you are getting your hair cut or styled, do it at least a week or so prior to your portrait session.

Allow some time to get comfortable with your new hair before your portrait session. Prepare your hair as if you are going out for the evening, nice, but normal for you.

7. Makeup: it depends...

If we have a makeup artist joining us then:

Arrive with a clean, dry face.

Face moisturized if there is a particular brand you like to use.

If you know there is something you are looking for then send some photos of makeup examples ahead of time for us to talk about.

And if you haven't already, send us a selfie for the makeup artists.


If we do not have a makeup artist joining us then:

Arrive with natural, simple, minimal "street" makeup.

Again, keeping it simple is the goal, smokey eyes, dramatic eyeliner, things like this should be avoided. In this situation, even the most elegantly applied makeup can easily become distracting or seem unnatural.


If in doubt, simpler is better.


Again, feel free to send an email or give me a call if you have any thoughts or questions.